Our Club boasts a spacious gym equipped with the latest gear from the American Cybex brand. Five treadmills, arc-trainer and three exercise bikes meet the growing interest in aerobic workout. Personal TV sets are installed in front of each lane. Our members are greeted by well trained instructors.

Read more information about the schedule of our fitness instructors.


Fitness access   8 lv.
Card for 1 month – unlimited access 1 month 40 lv.
Card for 6 months – unlimited access 6 months 210 lv. (35 lv. per month)
Card for 12 months – unlimited access 12 months 380 lv. (32 lv. per month)
Fitness instructor   12 lv.
Fitness instructor (10-visit-card) 2 months 109 lv.
New! Individual diet   100 lv.
New! Training program for 1 week   35 lv.
Complex program (individual diet + training program for 1 week)   115 lv.

*  1 basic training with an instructor for each monthly unlimited card