Club Internal Regulations

Part I. General Rules

The working hours of the Club are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Information about the working hours of the specific facilities and timetables of instructors and coaches is available at the reception.

Members and visitors of the Club are required to check in at the reception upon each visit. Children have to be accompanied by an adult in the Club.

Each service is prepaid at the reception. Smoking on all premises of the Club is strictly prohibited.

Consumption of food and beverages (with the exception of bottled energy drinks and water) is not allowed on any of the Club premises except the lobby bar.


Membership in the Club is only granted after receiving an invitation. The person invited has to fill in, sign and submit at the reception a form whereby s/he agrees to obey the Internal Regulations. The Club guarantees confidentiality of personal data. The Club management retains the right to amend the membership conditions and the membership approval method.

Membership Cards

The membership card is personal and cannot be transmitted to another person.

Membership Fees and Discounts

Club members pay an entrance fee in order to be issued a membership card for admission. The services used are charged for extra. The Club members are entitled to discounts based on the amounts they have paid at the reception over the last six months. The discounts are as follows: above 400 BGL – 5%, above 800 BGL – 10%, and above 1300 BGL – 15%.

Family and Company Card

The members of a family, as well as the employees of a company, can keep a joint account in the Club, but with individual membership cards for each member. A certain amount of money is deposited in the joint account and is then distributed according to the will of the family members or company employees. The discount is granted on the joint account .

Rights of Members and Visitors

Each member and visitor to the Club may use the facilities in accordance with the Internal Regulations .

Obligations of Members and Visitors

Each member and visitor to the Club is required to :

  • obey the Internal Regulations;
  • consider and respect the comfort and convenience of the remaining members and visitors ;
  • protect the Club property;
  • look after his/her personal belongings .

Rights and Obligations of Maleeva Tennis club

The Club managers and employees are required to:

  • announce promptly any changes in the Internal Regulations :
  • notify promptly Club members and visitors about any changes in the sports timetables ;
  • control the observance of the Internal Regulations by all Club members and visitors;
  • ensure the services of highly qualified staff – coaches, instructors, administrators ;
  • provide high quality of service ;
  • maintain the sport facilities in good repair ;
  • maintain high standards of hygiene in the entire area of the Club.

Termination of Membership

Any member of the Club is free to terminate his/her membership at any time without notice .

The Club may terminate the membership rights of a member who fails to observe the Internal Regulations .

The Club shall not be held liable for any damage or loss of personal belongings.

The use of the facilities by a Club member or visitor in a way that inflicts damage on them or in a way that results in impossibility of using them any further creates prerequisites for the Maleeva Tennis Club to claim damages from the offender.

Part II . Rules for Using the Club Facilities


Reservations are made on a subscription basis. Subject to the availability of individual unoccupied hours, members and visitors can also make one-off reservations. Reservations are made by telephone, Internet or personally at the reception. Reservations made on behalf of others are not accepted. The Club can only guarantee reservations that have been paid. In case a reservation has not been paid, the Club is free to sell the hour booked. Cancelled reservations are updated daily.

Members waiting for reservations are informed in person or by telephone with the shortest possible delay.

To avoid unauthorized use of the facilities, reservations are subject to examination.

One-off reservations can be cancelled not later than 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the reservation made has to be paid. Members and visitors who started their reserved hour late are required to clear the court in time for the next hour. An external coach can make a reservation only after his/her written application to the Club Management is approved .

The management may cancel or refuse a reservation in case of repair works or organization of events. In these cases the members are informed in advance. The Club management shall not compensate reserved hours that have been missed for reasons beyond its control.

Outdoor Courts

Tennis courts can only be used for playing tennis. The players have to wear sports clothing and proper tennis shoes. No playing in jogging shoes or football boots is allowed. The duration of an hour reserved for outdoor tennis is 55 minutes. Five minutes are allowed for sweeping the court (players’ obligation), sprinkling (obligation of the Club) and change of players.

In case Club members or visitors request to exchange an outdoor court reservation for an indoor court one, they have to pay the excess fee at the reception. The reservations are subject to the order in which they have been made at the reception.

Indoor Courts

The players in the indoor courts have to wear sports clothing and proper tennis shoes, either new or washed, which are only to be used for playing in this hall. No playing in jogging shoes or football boots is allowed.

The duration of an hour reserved for indoor tennis is 59 minutes .


The squash court can only be used for playing squash. The players have to wear sports clothing and no-black-soled shoes. The duration of an hour reserved for squash is 45 minutes.


The Club members have to wear sports clothing and sneakers. The instructor in the hall must give beginners initial instructions for using the facilities. Members and visitors can reserve training sessions with an instructor. Specific machines cannot be reserved. Only trainings with weights and exercises with machines are allowed. Members and visitors using machines for multiple-repetition exercises are required to give way to single-repetition users.

Facilities that are used in lying position must have a towel spread on them.

All sports that involve body contact are forbidden .

The instructors are authorized to terminate the training of any member or visitor if s/he could damage the Club property with his/her actions. Club members and visitors are required to follow the instructions of the fitness instructor.

Sports Hall

Information about the various programs is available to Club members and visitors at the reception.

Members and visitors are required to wear sports clothing and clean shoes for the respective sport.

Before the beginning of group sessions in the Sports Hall members and visitors have to wait in front of the fitness hall to be invited by the respective instructor. The instructor retains the right to restrict access in case the hall limit has been reached.

Locker Rooms

Lockers are available to members and visitors only for the duration of their visit. The Club shall not be held liable for any loss or damage of personal belongings left in the lockers. A locker that remains locked after the end of the workday will be opened by the Club management, the damages incurred being at the expense of the last person who used it. Left property shall be stored for a period of 20 days .

Kids’ Playground and Kids’ Room

The kids’ playground and the kids’ room are used for entertainment of children aged from 1 to 10.

Spa (Sauna , Steam Bath)

The sauna and the steam bath are used by appointment. Children below 14 are only admitted in the Spa Center if they are accompanied by an adult. Club members and visitors have to wear bathing suits and flip-flops. Sitting is only possible on a towel in the sauna. Before going into the sauna and the steam bath visitors are required to take a shower .


Information about the use of the solarium is available to Club members and visitors at the reception. After using the solarium the glasses are returned at the reception .


Reservations are made at the reception in advance.
Flip-flops or similar shoes must be worn on the premises.