We started our pro bono tennis Christmas events with School for vulnerable children №5 from Slatina District of Sofia in 1998 and kept on doing these events until 2009, when the school was closed down. The children played tennis with our Club`s kids and their parents and everybody got a little present at the end. Manuela, Katerina and Magdalena Maleeva also played tennis with all participants.

  1. Our partnership with School for vulnerable children №6 began in 2011 and goes until present days. Our tennis trainings with the children and their parents happen every Tuesday at 2 p.m. during the school year.
  2. The ratio is 5 or 6 kids per coach. Our coaches work pro bono and are happy to help the physical development of these kids.
  3. Our share of the tennis lessons for Caritas and their “Center for rehabilitation and integration of children and young vulnerable people” covers 50% of their tennis training.
  4. Maleeva Tennis Club has been donating to Swissclinical since the founding of the Foundation, about 25 000 BGN so far. We encourage our members to donate for their cause by using our charity box at reception.
  5. Our Club has donated to the American University in Blagoevgrad about 60 000 BGN so far.
  6. Our Club started helping the Syrian refugees since they first entered our land in the autumn of 2013. We encouraged our Club members to participate and they started donating clothing, shoes, blankets, books, toys, food etc. We are happy that our initiative spread to all people in need through donations from thousands of good people from all over Sofia.
  7. We learnt about the harsh life of a lonely father and his 9 children from a TV report. The social authorities took away his 3 youngest children, because of the bad conditions they were living in. Kind people donated money and bought a big, but quite neglected house for the family. Our Club organized a working brigade and supplied them with 7 000 BGN for building materials. They worked during the Easter holidays to renovate the house quickly. Other good people donated new house furniture!
    The best news is that judicial procedures are over for one of the children and he is already home! We will keep you informed on when the other kids go home.