The indoor tennis facility, imported in Bulgaria by the leader in this field, Luxembourg’s ASTRON, is a beauty that the Club can really be proud of. The hall has four courts covered with a German imitation of red clay – the combination of green carpet covered with rubber granules, provides perfect conditions for sliding.

The Club has six red clay outdoor courts, three of them have lights similar to those of US Open.

These 10 courts provide all-year-round options for our members.

Part of the Maleeva project is organizing tennis tournaments. Two of the outdoor courts have permanent seatings, while portable seatings can be temporarily constructed on designated areas. The indoor courts can also be supplied with temporary seating construction.

Price list

Outdoor court – before 17.00 1 hour 18 lv.
Outdoor court – after 17.00 and weekends 1 hour 21 lv.
5th, 6th and 7th outdoor court after 19.00 1 hour 24 lv.
Indoor court – before 17.00 and after 21.00 1 hour 35 lv.
Indoor court – between 17.00 and 21.00 1 hour 55 lv.
Indoor court – weekends 1 hour 45 lv.
Tennis Coach 1 hour 35 lv.